Project Runway: Fashion Startup

Aspiring fashion entrepreneurs present their companies to several investors in hopes to gain a deal and grow their businesses.

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 6.1

Season 1 - Project Runway: Fashion Startup
"The investors are floored by an entrepreneur with a new twist on the sweatshirt and challenge another young entrepreneur to revamp her celebrity-endorsed accessories line. Rodial Group\u2019s Maria Hatzistefanis mentors one entrepreneur."
"Fashion and philanthropy come together with a pitch that aims to bring accessories to stylish women and clean drinking water to Central America. Another lucky entrepreneur gets mentored by fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger."
"A recent college grad pitches an alternative to Craig\u2019s List while two Midwestern men try their hand at the fashion game, and one pitch brings an investor to tears."
"An established app developer tries to enter the athleisure industry. The investors are excited about an innovative handbag. Katia gives an ultimatum to two investors."
"One entrepreneur seeks to revolutionize the lingerie industry. The investors are shocked when they hear a pitch for an unfinished product."
"A young mother puts everything on the line to make her homemade business a success; a cancer survivor pitches a company inspired by her battle against the disease."
"An entrepreneur claims to have found the fountain of youth; investors question an entrepreneur's business chops; two investors make an unusual offer."
"An international team impresses the investors with a major upgrade to an every day accessory; two mothers want to launch a rough and tumble clothing line for girls; an entrepreneur gets valuable information about building a business."