Project Grizzly

Project Grizzly follows bear trainer Jeff Watson and his two rescued bears, Bob and Screech, as Watson attempts to return them to the wild where they belong. A crisis of conscience has ...

Genre: Documentary

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 7.6

Season 1 - Project Grizzly
"Renowned bear handler Jeff Watson says goodbye to his family and friends and sets out on an adventure into the wilderness of Southern Indiana to teach his two 700 lb. grizzly bears Bob and Screech how to survive on their own in the wild."
"Jeff's first lesson for Bob and Screech is teaching them how to fish, but it's more difficult than he imagined, and Bob appears to be falling behind Screech."
"Bob's injured foot is a concern as Jeff teaches the bears to forage for food. Later, Jeff shrugs off a slash to the arm, and faces the prospect of a future without Bob and Screech."
"Jeff\u2019s unconventional hunting lessons fail to prepare Bob and Screech to hunt game in the wild, but he discovers they may be learning on their own. Meanwhile he reminisces about Grizzly Adams and agonizes over eventually parting ways with his bears."
"Jeff makes progress teaching Bob and Screech how to feed themselves, but now has to prepare them for winter hibernation."