Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

A large group of survivors seek shelter while travelling on a train after their station was attacked by aggressive, undead creatures called Kabane.

Duration: 23 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 7.2

Season 1 - Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
08 Apr 2016
"Episode One, Kabane, the immortal monsters, attacked Aragane Station. Ikoma, a steamsmith boy who lives in Aragane Station, ran against the waves of terrified civilians. He is going to ..."
22 Apr 2016
"Episode Two, Ikoma somehow survives and heads towards the last Hayajiro left in Kenkin Station, the Kotetsujyo. Meanwhile, Ayame and her people were left behind to fend off the Kabane when ..."
29 Apr 2016
"Episode Three Having escaped Kenkin Station, the Kotetsujyo heads for Kongokaku, the Shogunate's fortress. However, the people on the Kotetsujyo quickly turn against Ikoma and Mumei and ..."
06 Apr 2016
"Episode Four The other people lock Ikoma and Mumei into the rear car. But that means the Kotetsujyo has lost two of their best fighters. Just then, the Kabane attack. What's more, among ..."
06 May 2016
20 May 2016
"Episode Six The Kotetsujyo is standing before a giant cluster of Kabane, the Black Smoke, and all seems hopeless. Meanwhile, Ikoma and Mumei find themselves at the bottom of an abandoned ..."
20 May 2016
"Episode Seven The Kotetsujyo arrives at Shitori Station, the first populated station it's encountered since leaving Kenkin Station. Ikoma and the others leave to shop for some supplies, and..."
03 Jun 2016
"Episode Eight The older brother Mumei serves is Biba Tenshin, leader of the Hunters - a special division dedicated to hunting Kabane.However, while the people praise Biba as a hero, Ikoma ..."
03 Jun 2016
"Episode Nine The Shogunate closes off the path to Kongokaku because they are wary of Biba and the support he's managed to garner. Biba seeks an audience with the Lord of Iwado Station and ..."
10 Jun 2016
17 Jun 2016
"Episode Eleven Biba reunites with his father Shogun Koukyo after 10 years.Behind the scenes, Mumei's Nue stands ready.Meanwhile, Ikoma has lost his confidence and willpower, a mere shell of..."
24 Jun 2016